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Fee: $180.00 per/hr + Out of pocket expenses

Fiduciary Review Work for International Scientific Corporation - Japan Head Office

Fiduciary Resources, Inc, through its principal, Mr. Mendiola-Long, (a fully licensed ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY (AIF)) is able to conduct a Fiduciary REVIEW. Fiduciary Reviews are cursory reviews of a fund's fiduciary issues and tends to locate weaknesses PRIOR to an official Fiduciary Audit. Fiduciary Resources, Inc. prides itself on placing education more important than formally chastising anyone and we believe that a Fiduciary Audit can be used in the "wrong hands" by individuals seeking to destroy a board or its members. Fiduciary Resources, Inc. prefers a more "educational" approach and preaches a Fiduciary Review process as the first step "toward" a Fiduciary Audit.

The fiduciary review allows boards and trusts a unique look at themselves and the pitfalls and dangers they are exposing themselves to through the sifting process of the twenty-seven fiduciary practices. Once this it completed, the board is free to correct those issues and THEN request a formal AUDIT. This "self-review" process, lead by our firm, takes about 1-2 months and then another 3-6 months to "fix" or address the issues which are needed to be corrected by the board.

Fee: $250.00 per/hr + Out of pocket expenses

Fiduciary Resources, Inc. provides court based "expert" testimony at $250 per hour plus expenses. For this fee, the firm provides Mr. Mendiola-Long, AIF™ and his vast knowledge as expert witness testimony for adherence or failure as it relates to Fiduciary Responsibilities.

Most services are required by beneficiaries and or governments, seeking to prove breach of fiduciary responsibility.

Fee: $2,900.00 + Out of pocket expenses (additional fees for boards larger than 9 members)

Department of the Interior Insular Area Investment Conference
US Department of Interior 2004 Island Business Opportunities Conference
Japan Investment Conference
2004 CNMI Foreign Investor Conference - Japan

Fiduciary Resources, Inc. is authorized by the Center for Fiduciary Studies to conduct Fiduciary Training Seminars for Boards and Trusts at a fee of $2900.00 for two days of training. This includes the cost of printed seminar material, matrix posters, wallet standard cards and a certificate of completion for up to 9 members. It must be fully disclosed that this training is an extremely fast paced instruction course and in no way is meant to equal the Fiduciary Standards Course officially offered by the Center for Fiduciary Studies. Our firm’s program is meant to “get your feet wet” as to what to expect in the Official Fiduciary Training Course offered by the Center.

For the value and material offered, our training seminar is good start for all boards.

More information on the official training schedule is offered by the Center of Fiduciary Studies.

Fee: $225.00 per/hr + Out of pocket expenses

Fiduciary Resources, Inc. works jointly with other fully qualified and experienced Center for Fiduciary Studies graduates to conduct Fiduciary Audits. Fiduciary Audits are independent, third-party, objective verification, of policies, procedures and adherence to fiduciary responsibilities confirmed to be in adherence to standard fiduciary practice checklists provided by the Center for Fiduciary Studies.

Once an Audit is completed by this firm, it can not enter into any contracts with the client for a period of six months after the final report is submitted.

Fiduciary Speaking Engagements
Fee: $800.00 flat fee + Out of pocket expenses

Kansas conference
509th Composite Group
2004 membership meeting
Palau Investment Conference
2004 4th Annual Pacific Region Investment Conference - Palau

Fiduciary Resources, Inc. offers the professional and entertaining speaking services of its principal, Mr. Mendiola-Long. Engagements are offered to include a power point presentation and interactive involvement with the audience as it relates to Fiduciary Responsibilities and industry trends in the financial sector. Services for this fee are for a full day's availability that consists of no more than 8 hours. Hotel, Transportation (air&ground) and food are to be borne by the client.

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